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For hazardous work environments. This safe and effective portable drum handler  is ideal for moving drums to and from pallets, skids, scales and spill or containment pallets.  Parrot-Beak® Clamping mechanism grabs any steel, fiber or plastic drum automatically in lifting operation. All contact surfaces are lined with a layer of brass strip to prevent spark from metal contacts. Cushioned belt-cradle protects drum sidewall during lift, lower and transport function. Ergonomically efficient design with foot pedal lift/lower feature and adjustable lowering speed control. Standard lift height of 20" with 38" lift available as option. 1" rise per stroke of foot pedal.



N/A 1000 Lbs (454 Kg)


N/A 360 Lbs (164 Kg)


N/A 12 months against any defect in parts and workmanship


N/A Standard Ergomatic-1000 with brass lining for non sparking or flamable applications


N/A 36.5" (L) x 42.5" (W) x 48" (H)