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Liftomatic Ergomatic series drum handlers are ideal for moving drums to and from pallets, skids, scales and spill or containment pallets and Ergomatic HR adds benefits for double stacking 55 gallon (210 liter) drums as well as moving drum from conveyor lines and work platforms. Double Parrot-Beak® Clamping mechanism equipped with spark resistant jaw package, safely engages any steel, fiber or plastic drum automatically in lift operation. Double Clamping Heads are suited for safe handling of damaged drums, or removable lid drums with damaged locking rings. Its V-shaped straddle leg configuration with telescopic adjustment settings for up to 800 pound (363 Kg) capacity. Cushioned belt-cradle protects drum sidewall during lift, lower and transport function. Ergonomically efficient design with foot pedal lift/lower feature and adjustable lowering speed control.



N/A 800 lbs (364 Kg)


N/A 405 Pounds (184 Kg)


N/A 12 months against any defect in parts and workmanship.


N/A Optional wheels for various floor conditions. High rise model double Parrot-Beak® equipped with spark resistant jaw package.


N/A :36.5" (L) x 42.5" (W) x 65" (H)