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Below Hook/Hoist Mounted Drum Handlers

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Heavy Duty Hoist Mounted Drum Handlers

HD-BHDL are series of heavy duty below-the-hook mechanical lifting devices designed for drum handling applications that require dependable and reliable lift attachment. HD-DHDL are designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest ASME B30.20 industry standards and backed up by Liftomatic product warranty.

Single Drum and Double Drum Hoist Mounted Drum Handlers

  • Parrot-Beak® devices for handling 1 or 2 drums at a time
  • Safely handle steel, plastic and fiber drums
  • Capacities to 2000 pounds (905Kg) per drum.
  • Attach to any suitable hoist, crane or below-hook lifting device.
  • Optional spark-resistant and “EE” / “EX” packages.
  • Optional coatings for FDA work areas
  • Customized double Parrot-Beak® mechanisms for heavy loads or government installations

Economical Hoist Mounted Drum Handlers

  • Positive Grip lift devices for handling 1 drum at a time
  • Equipment for loading over-pack or spill containment drums
  • Equipment to handle steel, plastic and fiber drums
  • Capacities to 1000 pounds (454Kg) per drum
  • Automatic and mechanical equipment
  • Drum handling attachments for use with any suitable hoist, crane or below-hook lifting mechanism
  • Optional locking mechanism for added security and safety

High Volume Hoist and Crane Mounted Drum Handlers

  • Parrot-Beak® drum handlers for steel, fiber and plastic drums
  • Equipment for handling 1-8 drums at one time
  • Below-Hook and Crane Mounted mechanical attachments for drum handling
  • Low Clearance Drum Handlers for tight space loading
  • Optional coatings and spark-resistant and “EE” / “EX” packages available
  • Customized units for multiple drum handling also available
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Special Application Crane and Hoist Mounted Drum Handlers

  • Custom and semi-custom equipment for handling odd-size drums, barrels, spools and cylinders
  • Multiple unit lifts available
  • Mechanical Equipment for lifting cylinders, wire spools and other containers
  • Provide engineering drawings for quotes on custom manufacturer
  • Devices for handling 5 gallon pails also available in single or multiple configurations
Below Hook Drum Dumpers

Below Hook Drum Dumpers

  • Dump steel, plastic and fiber drums
  • Handle up to 1000 pounds (454Kg) per drum
  • Attach to any suitable below-hook lifting device
  • Controlled pouring, measuring and dispensing