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All-New below-hook hoist attachment for handling steel, plastic and fiber drums, placing drums into overpack or salvage drums or taking drums to and from pallets, scales or containment vessels. Innovative Safelock system allows operators to firmly close and lock a latch effortlessly, which ensures that the arms stay safely closed during transport. Especially useful when handling drums at high elevations or with caustic or volatile contents.  Spring loaded latching system works for any drum type or rim.  Two models available, including a unit for 16-20" diameter drums and a unit for 20-25" diameter drums.



N/A 1000 Lbs, 453 Kg


N/A 18 Pounds (8.17 Kg)


N/A 18 months against any defect in parts and workmanship


N/A 16" (W) x 21.5" (H) x 9" (D)